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American Bionostica has developed and manufactured lateral flow immunoassays for a broad range of substances and agents:

  • Qualitative lateral flow screening tests
  • Quantitative lateral flow immunoassays
  • Agricultural and food safety testing 
  • Genetically modified crops
  • Food allergens 
  • Environmental residues
  • Livestock feed additives  
  • Specialty markers/biotechnology R&D 
  • Clinical analytes                                              
  • Veterinary tests  
  • Other substances and agents of scientific significance

Network of academic and government agency resources complement our resources and capabilities

  • Relationships with leading academic and government institutions to keep current with new technology and immunoreagents 
  • Interactive systems created to integrate efforts closely with each client's requirements
  • Work as an extension of client's staff to accomplish collaborative objectives
  • Operational security of redundant manufacturing and analytical systems
  • Data security at levels of local and duplicate cloud storage. Secure offsite servers for exchange of proprietary information  

Developing new platform for genomic testing in lateral flow format