Rick Thompson, President

Thompson founded American Bionostica in 2000.  With a graduate degree in microbiology and biochemistry, and executive studies at Dartmouth’s Amos Tuck School and the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School, he has developed and directed biotechnology businesses from start-ups to components of multi-billion dollar global companies. Thompson’s experience includes biotechnology, diagnostic tests, marketing, sales, business development, joint ventures, acquisitions and technology license agreements. He was co-founder of Biochemical Sciences, Inc. a manufacturer of biological stains and reagents. The company was acquired by Curtin Matheson Scientific and subsequently by Fisher Scientific International. With Fisher Scientific Thompson served as Vice President, General Manager of Biochemical Sciences and Pacific Hemostasis. He has served as Chairman of the Board of the AIDS Coalition of Southern New Jersey, invited co-author of “Immunoassays in Agricultural Biotechnology”, Wiley and Sons, 2010 and scientific reviewer for Journal of AOAC International. 

Shawn McGuire, Director Manufacturing and Facilities

McGuire joined American Bionostica in 2005 to manage manufacturing, inventory, Quality Systems and facilities. He has extensive experience in diagnostics manufacturing in FDA regulated environments, including Biochemical Sciences, Inc. and Fisher Scientific International. He served as Certified ISO 9000 Internal Auditor and played a key role in achieving ISO certification for Biochemical Sciences Inc.

Jenniefer Zimmerman, Director Technology

Ms. Zimmerman joined ABI in 2015  to oversee Quality Control, Product Development and assume a key role in Transfer of Technology. She earned a B.S. degree in Biological Sciences  and Chemistry while attending Penn State and Neumann Universities.   She worked as Quality Assurance Technician for Degussa Corporation them joined Strategic Diagnostics, Inc. (SDIX), a producer of lateral flow diagnostic tests.  At SDIX she progressed through positions in quality control, manufacturing and research and development. Following the acquisition of SDIX by Romer Technologies she assumed a role as Research Scientist, responsible for development, optimization and transfer of new products to manufacturing.  Her experience includes development of specifications for QC testing, validating new raw materials, manufacturing equipment and processes, purification and qualification of antibodies.  Ms. Zimmerman has worked to establish and improve Quality Systems and served as a Certified ISO 9000 Internal Auditor.